These past few months have gone by pretty fast (must be the crazy schedule we have at work lately) but the wait is still pretty unbearable. There's just a little over a month more to go, but thankfully I have in my possession a few cosmetic goodies to somewhat tie me over. These are all going to be pretty subtle mods, hardly noticeable to most, but all that matters is, I'll appreciate the nuances. Still planning on a few more small things between now and when I leave for Germany, but I can see this all beginning to come together.

In this pic:

  • 1x1 Black Carbon Fiber Front Kidneys (purchased from JL Motoring)
  • Full Carbon Fiber BMW Roundels for Hood, Trunk and Steering Wheel (purchased from Euro Body Kits)
  • Monochrome M3 Emblem (purchased from EAS)

To come:

  • Smoked Front Bumper Reflectors
  • Monochrome Side Gill M3 Emblems (not sure if I'm getting Matte Black or Carbon Fiber covers yet)

Considering over time:

  • Carbon Fiber Front Lip
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Covers
  • Some Exhaust upgrade...not sure which one yet.
  • Short Shifter
  • And of course, when I wear through my first set of tires, something to replace the ugly OEM wheels. I've never liked them.

My guess is, it will be late September / early October before I'll be able to put any of the stuff I've already got on since it's going to take between 6-10 weeks to ship the car back from Germany, but at least this is pacifying some of my obsession for now.