For me, it was pretty much just a basic travel day, but the boy was pretty excited since this was his first time on a plane.

Photos above are:

  • Waiting at LAX
  • On Plane
  • On Balcony of our room at the Renaissance München Hotel

Security guy at LAX stopped the boy as he walked through the metal detector. Held him by his shoulders and faced him toward another guard. Then he said, “Just give him snacks and no one gets hurt.” Boy got a kick out of that since that’s what was on his shirt.

Kyle watched Monsters vs. Aliens and some show about pandas on the plane while I watched Star Trek and Fast & Furious. It was pretty painful watching Star Trek on the tiny screen with lousy headphones, but I could tell it WOULD have been a good movie had I actually had a good AV experience. 

I guess I didn’t get a ton of sleep on the plane because my right eye has a red spot now. Boy called it “scary-looking.” Hope it goes away after a good nights’ sleep...and I hope I actually CAN sleep since it’s supposed to be noon right now but it’s 9:30pm in Germany. Fortunately, the boy has already fallen asleep so I think he’ll be fine tomorrow. He was getting a bit cranky just before dinner.

We get the M3 tomorrow morning!