My plan was to take a bunch of really cool pics during delivery since the Welt has such a nice backdrop. However, I was too pre-occupied looking at and getting to know the car. I didn't realize I didn't really take very many pics until I got back to the hotel and uploaded the photos. Oh well...lost opportunity.

I'm loving the Fox Red interior. The pictures really don't do it justice. It's hard to capture the color with any sort of accuracy. It's definitely a dark brownish red. Looks really nice with the Space Gray exterior.

The boy did a great job being patient while the delivery specialist went over a bunch of the features. I thought for sure he would get antsy, but he didn't. The last pic shows him hanging out in the back seat looking at one of his souvenirs. That helped, I'm sure. He also took some Flip Mino video during the process which kept him pretty occupied.

Super stoked to have the car right now, but there were two tiny bits of disappointment during this delivery process:

  1. We could not do a Factory Tour because it's closed. Everyone is on vacation. Booooo!! I was really looking forward to that. :(
  2. Before we left for the trip, the video we watched from the BMW website seemed to indicate there was a lot more interactive demonstrations for the actual delivery of my car (customized with specific information about the M3). They either skipped that whole part of the delivery or, the demos were sprinkled throughout the downstairs area and no one walked us through them. The boy really wanted to do the driving simulator we saw on the video, but that didn't happen.

Overall, it was a great experience though. Boy is sleeping right now since he didn't get much sleep at all last night. Hope this doesn't mess with his sleeping schedule for tonight >__<

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