Days 1-2 were exciting because it was all about the anticipation and delivery of the car...but it didn't feel like vacation. Day 3 is a whole different story. This is the Germany I came to see. 

  • Pictures 4-6 are the two mini M3's that the boy bought himself as souvenirs. He's been keeping them in his backpack so he can check them out at a moment's notice, hehe.
  • Picture 8 is the view out of the balcony in our room. Couldn't have asked for a better one.
  • Pictures 12-15 are out on the rented paddle boat.
  • Picture 16 is a view of our hotel (on the left) from the paddle boat. We're in the annex which is not connected to the main hotel (on the right). If you look closely, you'll see what looks like a red Ferrari in the water. There were two paddle boats that looked like that. One yellow, one red, and yes, they both had fake Ferrari logos on them, LOL.

It's too bad we're only staying here one night, but we have other fun things we need to get to...