Today was our first real driving day, and let me just say it was an absolute treat! The part from Münich to Brannenburg was pretty anti-climactic since we were just getting out of the city and there was some traffic, but once with hit the outskirts, it was awesome.

I never did get the Navi to import the routes I set up on so I had to manually enter them. Wasn't too much of a hassle, but it would have been much better if the import simply would have worked. We stopped at Milbing which is where we took the first two pics. The other three are at a spot along the way somewhere on or near the Sudelfeldstrasse. It's a beautiful mountain roads with lots of great twisties and amazing scenery on both sides. Lots of trees, open fields and mountains. That was a ton of fun. Kyle took some video using the Flip Mino which I'll try to see if they are small enough to upload later.

The map of today's route is below: