The boy sure looks small in that first pic, doesn't he? These pictures were taken when we went by Walchensee.
The hilight of today's drive was Kesselbergstrasse. It's a super-windy mountain road, but unfortunately, there was a speed limit and a decent number of cars so we didn't exactly get the FULL experience...but it was fun anyway. We had also planned on driving Wallbergstrasse as well, but I missed the turn so we just skipped it.
The lowlight was definitely the extra traffic and 2 detours we ended up taking. I tried to map the original and new drive out here.


The two don't look THAT dis-similar, but it definitely felt longer than it should have. Both times, a road I needed was closed, and the second time, I actually got pretty far down the road before the closure came up, so I had to backtrack all the way. That was a bit annoying.
Needlesstosay, the drive today was pretty anti-climactic. However, it was fun to test out the M Mode :D