The previous drives were fun and all, but since there was either traffic in the city or we were driving some nice twisties (with speed limits), I hadn't had a chance to open up the car...until today. 
Realizing that I'm still in my break-in period, I didn't want to push it too far, but being on the Autobahn and having VW's scream past me just seemed like a lost opportunity if there ever was one. I had to see what this car is capable of...and let me tell you, it's FAST. Not just the regular fast either. I was up to 130 before I even realized it. The car handled amazingly well. Didn't even feel like we were going that fast at all. The ride was smooth and the engine purr sounded great. I only pushed it up to about 5000 RPMs (redline is at 8300) so I didn't even get close to it's potential. Stupid break-in period!