I've never been a very big Porche fan, but continuing in the tradition of this trip, it just made sense to visit the Porche Museum in Stuttgart. It's halfway between our previous stop (Neuschwanstein Castle) and our next one (Nürburgring) so I stuck it in the itinerary. I was also able to find a hotel just a couple blocks away so that worked out nicely. However, the hotel (Achat) was probably the smallest/worst one of the entire trip. Pretty happy with all the others, but this one didn't do much for me.

Despite my lack of Porche interest, they definitely have some nice vehicles here. I was especially lovin' the Carrera GT and 911 GT1 (both silver). It was also cool to see how small/low the cars are in person with the boy standing right next to them. In some cases, they looked like the perfect size for him, hehe. My favorite part of Porche's have always been the brown leather interiors. Pics 7 and 15 above reinforce why.

The boy added to a silver Carrera GT to his 1:18 Die Cast Car collection and an RS Spyder keychain. I'm a little bummed that he has now gotten it in his head that he does NOT like being in pictures, so there aren't as many with him now. He keeps running out of the frame if he sees me beginning to take a pic. Another idiosyncrasy he seems to have developed is a distinct dislike for or annoyance with little children. This entire trip he's been complaining when he hears any of them talking or making noise of any sort.