I'm not sure why I thought it wouldn't be this big, but the main building to the Nürburgring is huge and impressive. Looks like they are building a roller coaster right in front that goes in to to the building. The grandstands are just behind the coaster location. The interior has tons of rooms that house various exhibits, stores, and what look to be misc. street vendors.
It took us a really long time to find parking because there was an actual event going on when we got there. At first, we were going to buy tickets to see that since we were here, but the boy got tired of walking and just wanted to get back to the hotel to rest after we spent an hour or so shopping for souvenirs (another mini die cast car and another key chain for the boy), looking at the various exhibits, and buying our lap tickets for tomorrow.
The last shot is our hotel room. The boy is trying to run away from the camera since, as I explained earlier, he no longer wants to be in pictures. Luckily, I can still be stealth about it every once in a while and get him in some.