Hard to believe it's already been almost a week since we've been here. This is the last "long" drive of our trip. Tomorrow, we drive the Ring (in a rented Renault Clio Sport) and the day after that, we drive to Frankfurt to drop off my new toy and fly home. This has been a fun vacation but I can't believe it's already over. Thankfully, the highlight of the trip (aside from getting the car) is still ahead and is something we're both eagerly anticipating. 
Today's drive was very much like yesterdays with one exception: Rain. It gave me a chance to try out the auto wipers which are really cool. You just turn it on and the speed sets itself automatically based on how much rain is coming down. I'm sure there will be some other nice features I'll discover over time. I still haven't had time to hunker down with the Owners' Manual yet (beyond the quick lookups of things I needed to know about right away). I just happened to come across this wiper thing while I was looking for something else and forgot about it until it started raining. The rain also cleaned off my windshield for me...which was getting pretty full of squashed bugs. 
Gas in Germany is not cheap. I've filled up 3 times already and each time it's cost me over $100. Of course, it's 95 - 100 Octane so I guess I expect to pay a little premium for that, but still...that's probably twice as much as gas costs back home...maybe more! 
Once you get off the Autobahn and into the Nürburgring surrounding areas, it seems ALL of the roads are a lot of fun to drive. I was pleasantly surprised by the hilly, twisty route that took us into Adenau. It felt like a mini, two-way version of what was soon to come, hehe.