For our last night in Münich, we had dinner with my former Yahoo! Co-worker, Phil and his wife, Nicola. We met up at "Kreuzberger" where we ate traditional Bavarian food. Phil and I had a type of traditional pork loin which was very good. The round balls are some sort of pasty potato. The boy had a sausage and fries. Nicola had some sort of lamb thing with pasta that looked like vegetables.

The boy slept for 4-5 hours after lunch so he was pretty drowsy, but once we got going, he was more alert. He dozed off in the taxi over a couple of times. We took a taxi instead of driving my new M3 because the parking situation in Münich is not very, I wanted to get some German driving tips from Phil before venturing off on our own. Drove the car back and forth to Die Welt a couple of times already though.