Back in October these pics were posted to the Closed Room at and I meant to post them up but could never find the time. Pretty amazing-looking car and some nice photos to boot. If I didn’t already have my M3, I’d be all over this. I usually don’t like flashy colors on cars, but I’m lovin’ this Valencia Orange. 

The other day, my oil needed topping off so I stopped by BMW of Beverly Hills on my way home from a conference to buy a quart of 10W 60. Since I was there, I asked the sales people when they were going to get a 1M in the showroom. They didn’t even know what I was talking about. Of all the BMW dealers out there, you’d think the guys in Beverly Hills would know all about this car, but they had no idea. Massive fail if you ask me. 

I love the aggressive design on the air curtains and wide stance. Here’s some interior and engine shots:

And here’s the specs: