We met up and had lunch at Kanpai Sushi before heading out through Ortega Highway. Mark had to work so unfortunately didn't make the drive with us. Maybe next time. Here's a few shots of Mark's AMG SLK, David's A3s, and of course, my M3. The boy enjoyed watching the hard top convertible going up.

Unfortunately it started raining once we got to the interesting twisties so I didn't bother stopping for photos along the way since I preferred to keep my camera dry and mud outside the vehicle.

And here are a couple of shots at the lake. You can't tell, but the boy is hiding in the front passenger seat since he thought it was too cold and as usual, didn't want his picture taken. The drive was fun and it probably was a good thing we were behind a few cars through a good portion of the drive. Once they pulled off to the side it was really hard to not just gun it, but I really don't want to get any speeding tickets in this due to my tints and lack of front plate. Don't want to have to pay more than necessary if I can avoid it. Plus, there are a few areas of double fine zones on the drive. Better safe than sorry...plus, it was beginning to get wet too. I'm sure David was itching for me to floor it, but he patiently kept a reasonable distance behind, hehe. I'm sure both cars could have handled far more than what we allowed.