AdAge reported a couple days ago that the Gap logo was actually for real, and not some stupid PR stunt or elaborate crowdsourcing experiment. Today, they broke the news that Gap will scrap their new logo and return to the old design. I am so glad Gap decided to revert back. It was the only thing they could have done to “fix” the mess that was created by the release of their new logo. They could have very easily dug themselves deeper with any other move.

It’s a good day in the world of design. Well, for everyone except Laird+Partners, the agency who was responsible for that debacle. They should stick to advertising and not try to design logos...or websites for that matter. Here's what it looks like on an iPhone right now:

Way to go guys. Here’s a tip. When building flash-only websites, try to at least make it look like you attempted to view it on a mobile device. Good luck getting out from under this PR mess...