I thought for the longest time that the tracking on the BMW USA website was off since it had been showing “en route” even after the car arrived in port on 9/27, but apparently it’s fairly accurate...at least it is with my car. 

When I called my dealer for an update on monday (10/6), they informed me that the car arrived at the Vehicle Preparation Center on 10/5 and is scheduled to be at the dealership on 10/12. This means it was in customs from 9/27-10/5, so the status not being “at preparation center” was correct. Well, the pic above confirms this, so now I’m finally allowing myself to actually believe I will get the car in my hands early next week. 

Here’s an update on the known dates so far:

  • 8/10: Drop-off in Frankfurt, Germany
  • 9/4: Depart Bremerhaven, Germany
  • 9/27: Arrive in Port Heueneme, California
  • 10/5: Arrive at Vehicle Preparation Center in Oxnard
  • 10/12: Scheduled arrival at Sterling BMW in Newport Beach

Another user on the Bimmerfest forum who also had his car on Polaris Leader has already gotten his vehicle redelivered. He did say, however, that his dealer pulled some strings to get it earlier. Not sure exactly what that meant they did, but wish mine could have done that.