Just a few random shots from around the Welt. 

Noteworthy (in no particular order):

  • They put out quite a spread for customers waiting in the delivery lounge. Light fare, but very well put together. Finger foods, drinks, desserts. Nicely appointed.
  • Of course, the boy found his souvenir quickly. Little (and not so little) die cast cars. I think he's known this is what he was looking for since before we left on the trip. He was a little disappointed they did not have the big one in Alpine White or Space Gray, but at least he got some little ones in those colors.
  • Architecturally, this place is amazing. Everything is so well designed, even down to the bathrooms. The entire building is flawless.
  • The Z4 actually looks way better in person than it does in pictures. I wasn't really all that impressed watching videos or looking at photos, but seeing it in real life made me think I could actually see myself driving one of those.