I'm about a week away from my trip and am still collecting some odds and ends. In the photo above are:

  • Smoked Reflectors
  • iPod Connection Cable
  • iPhone Snap-In Adapter

The Snap-In Adapter will charge and hold my phone securely in the center console, route music from my iPhone through the iDrive system, as well as boost the phone signal through the car antenna. The iPhone also connects to the car via Bluetooth so my contacts will be accessible through iDrive.

The iPod Connection Cable won't be used very much since I'll mostly be using the ease and convenience of snapping the phone in and out of the adapter, but in the event someone else wants to connect their iPod (like the boy on our ED trip), it's available. It's a prerequisite for the Snap-In Adapter otherwise I might not have gotten it.

The Smoked Reflectors will replace the OEM orange ones and add another 5HP to my 414HP V8.

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