These are the results of the Oakley Munny Challenge. A project given to my Web Creative team by my Director of User Experience, Marc Hemeon. He wanted to see how the team would represent “what Oakley means to me.”

View that slideshow in full screen mode for best results. 

I won’t get into the details of what each one means, but I will say that my favorite concept of the bunch is the Monster Dog / Monster Pup diorama. If you know anything about Oakley, those are the names of two of our sunglass styles, plus, the art was inspired by some original illustrations previously made for our Legal Enforcement team. Pretty amazing job with Sculpey too. Look at those ears, tail, and Oakley Ellipse!! (not to mention the fire hydrant)

A few other noteworthy items:

  • Two of the designs sport removable, custom-made helmets. What am I saying…everything here is custom made.
  • Can you spot the one inspired by The Grip?
  • Jet-pack-wearing dude has a cigar that actually lights up.
  • Crash Test Munny comes with his very own display case.
  • Car wax sure gives one of these that extra bit of shine.
  • Can you name all of the Oakley products being worn by 80/20?
  • Last but not least, I think Steampunk Munny photographed the best so I just had to take a few extra shots of it.

I’m thoroughly impressed with the effort the team put into this. It was all done on their own time. Although this was just project for my Creative team, the rest of my Web team brings just as much passion to their work daily. Follow them on Twitter.