The boy and I drove up the coast to visit Andy in Ventura. He BBQ'd some ribs and put out an awesome spread. I felt kind of bad he went through all that effort, but it was well worth it. After lunch we took the M3 out for some driving through Ojai. The best part of the drive was some twisties on the way to Boccali's, where we stopped for some apple pie and ice cream.

Not sure I like the Flickr set integration using flash on Posterous, but I might as well give it a shot. Scroll through the photos above if you don't want to wait for the whole slideshow.

Here's a map of the entire trip (starting from the coast drive):

And this was the best part:

Here's an image to get an idea of the elevation change. The twisties mostly went downhill (right to left). The purple camera on the right indicates where the images of the car (halfway through the photo set above) was taken, and the purple pin on the left is where Boccali’s is located.

We had fun. Must do it again.