Early adopter @adamehrheart stood in line overnight to get his iPhone 5 which he shared with me this morning. I had no idea the Panorama feature was already on my 4s when I upgraded to iOS 6 the other night until he told me he realized the same thing while standing in line. We tested the Panorama feature this morning on both devices and the differences are ridiculous between the two. Check them out.

iPhone 5:

iPhone 4s:

The iPhone 5 version was shared to me via PhotoStream which came over as a 1.5mb file. The iPhone 4s version was downloaded from my own PhotoStream, and that was a whopping 16mb file.

Here’s some odd specs:

  • iPhone 5 version shared to me via Adam’s PhotoStream: 
    1.5mb, 5400 x 1166
  • iPhone 4s version downloaded from my PhotoStream from iPhoto: 
    16mb, 10800 x 2332 

Adam then sent me what we thought was the full resolution from the iPhone 5 via email, but that ended up being only 3.5mb, 8640 x 1865.

Despite the difference in resolution (which is completely unintuitive given the newer, higher resolution of the 5) the quality differences are dramatic.

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