Came across some pretty cool things at Comic-Con today. In particular, this Monkey King sculpt was really impressive. The detail was just incredible. I also continue to be impressed with how well the iPhone 5s can take pictures. Some credit goes to Snapseed as well, for really simple and powerful “on-the-go” photo editing features. 

This next one is from Sideshow’s Court of the Dead. They had a very nice booth that was isolated from crowds on either side and had great art and displays around each sculpture so photos came out much cleaner without glass reflections everywhere and people in the backgrounds.

What Comic-con image gallery would be complete without some Batman, Iron Man and Hulk. The last two in this set are Kat from Gravity Rush, which Kyle recognized since she’s from a video game he had played on his PS Vita. He was also quick to point out that her constant high-pitched wailing in the game is very annoying.

And then there’s…Vader’s car…