After a long search for somebody, anybody who makes a halfway-decent quality Carbon Fiber kidney, I decided I would go with the OEM ones from BMW Performance. They’re not CF, but these M3 Edition kidneys are the same ones used on the GTS, so needlesstosay, the quality is far and away superior to any aftermarket parts out there. I made the decision after the nice folks at IND Distribution (thanks, Nate!) were kind enough to be upfront about the fact that even the CF versions they sold weren’t any better quality than any of the other ones that come from the same manufacturer in Asia. Honesty and customer service always win me over, so they got my business (and will continue to do so).

To the right are some comparisons between the quality (if you can even call it a comparison). Granted, the aftermarket ones are 2 years old, but you can still see the craftsmanship difference. For comparison sake, here’s a shot of the aftermarket ones when they were new.

One nice little perk from IND, these shipped wrapped in a couple of micro fiber cloths. Been needing to get some more of those, but now I don’t have to. Thank you, IND for the great service.