The boy has been super excited about this K1 Junior League. It lasts a total of 8 months (once a month) and each visit consists of a 14-lap qualifying round and a 16-lap race. The final Grand Prix in October will be 1 12-lap practice, a 14-lap qualifier, and the final 16-lap race Here are some of the results from his first session:


  • Overall: 5th Place
  • Best Lap: 41.29 
  • Average Lap: 45.08 
  • Gap: 1.98 
  • Proscore: 99.03 


  • Overall: 4th Place
  • Best Lap: 39.32
  • Average Lap: 40.74
  • Gap: 0.41
  • Proscore: 100.15

As you can see, he improved in every area, moving up one spot in the final race. During the qualifying, he was actually in 2nd place for one lap, and his best time during the final race was actually the third best overall time.

Let's see how he does next month!