Went to Pre MFest with the boy today since it was being held at Oakley. There was a rumor that the Kogi truck was going to be there so we were both looking forward to that. However, it turned out to be an imitation, named Calbi BBQ so I still have not been able to get a taste of the real thing. It was still pretty good, but a little too spicy for the boy.

Here are some requisite shots of cars (mine is in the final shot of this set):

I wanted to put Aperture 3’s non-destructive brushes to the test so I created the first few images on this set with black & white backgrounds. It worked pretty well for the most part, but it did get pretty processor-intensive at times. The more adjustments I put on an image, the slower things got. I think I’ll eventually end up with a decent workflow, but right now I’m still learning/experimenting. The masks were pretty easy to paint, though I did them kind of fast, so you can see the flaws.

And some detail shots:

Can’t go to an event with the boy and not take pics of him:

And finally, some B&W’s: