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Teaser: Home office makeover begins.

It's been over 5 years since I've had a home theater and I'm getting restless. Thanks to the family wanting a 3D TV in our living room, I've gotten the opportunity to repurpose our old 46" Sharp Aquos LCD TV and 7.1 Denon Receiver previously used in the living room into the humble beginnings of a new (albeit much less ambitious) Home Theater project in my home office. While it won't be as impressive as my previous one, there are a couple things that are actually going to make it better:

The old Home Theater really didn't have the right design to stick a racing seat in the middle of it, but this one is being conceived with this in mind.

As for the speakers, I'm working on a plan but probably won't go through with it until after Christmas.

Let the new man cave begin…