Every once in awhile, the boy sleep talks. Twice, it happened on vacation and I was able to jot it down on my iPhone since I usually have it on for the next morning's alarm. I'm transferring them to Posterous so they can reside in a more permanent place.


Location: Hotel Alpenstuben in Hohenschwangau
Time: Around 12:23am

It started off with some gibberish which I could not make out. Then he did say a phrase that I understood but couldn't remember what it was by the time I wrote this down. After awhile, he started making some angry moaning sounds and then started kicking his feet in rapid succession. I couldn't tell if he was awake or not so I started asking him what was the matter. All he said was, "keeeeeychain!" in a slow, low grumbling angry voice. I asked what was wrong with his keychain and he went back to his moaning, tossing and turning. A couple minutes later, he mumbled, "chapstick..." which I couldn't quite understand so I asked him what he said. He then responded with a more emphatic "chaaaaaaaptiiick!" in an even angrier voice. I thought he was awake at this time because he sat up, swiped hard at the chapstick he had on the nightstand (one miss, and the second time he got it), put some on, and slammed it back on the nightstand (right side up) and went back to sleep. Funny thing is, when I asked him about it this morning, he had no recollection. Like last time though, he was busting up when I told him and couldn't remember any of it.

PREVIOUS TIME (documented on iPhone):

Location: Carnival Cruise Ship
Date: July 23, 2008
Time: Unknown, but it was late at night.

In the middle of the night after he had been asleep for awhile, the boy sat up, looked around and raised his hand. I asked if he was awake and he nodded "yes." I then asked why he was raising his hand and he said, "I want to volunteer." This struck me as odd, so I asked him what he wanted to volunteer for. He then closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

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