I think it’s going to take me awhile before I get around to taking good photos, so I went ahead and shot some with the iPhone camera. It’s a little hard to tell exactly what they look like from these but here are a few quick shots.

All side windows: Formula 1 Pinnacle Ceramic Tints 35
Rear windshield: Formula 1 Pinnacle Ceramic Tints 15
Front windshield: Untinted

None of the shots are edited in any way but the contrast does look higher in these photos than it does in real life. The tints looks black in some shots, but that’s not how it is in reality. The 15 on the back really does helps darken the 35 sides though. The closeup in photo 4 is fairly representative of the real thing. You can also see how much more transparent the tints are when the front windshield is showing light from behind in some of the shots, but all in all I’m happy with how much darker this looks than the same F1 Pinnacle 35 I had on my G35 (all around).

Rear tail lights are smoked with a medium film. I wanted to leave the bottom clear strip uncovered but there is a small area of red underneath so the installers at Tint Plus did not recommend it since they weren't sure how well it would hold up over time.