There was really only one set of SDCC Exclusive figures I was looking to come home with this year, but they were unfortunately sold out by the time I got there. I had my mind set on picking up a pair of these Daft Punk inspired “robots” by Kidokyo / Tsunami Syndicate. They looked even better in person than from the press photo below, but I was dismayed to find they were all gone when I arrived at the BAIT booth. Only 100 of each were made.

My consolation prize was this set of Optimus Prime by The Loyal Subjects, also SDCC Exclusives  sold by BAIT. Still pretty nifty, but not as cool as my first choice. I’m leaving them in the box and wrapped in the original plastic since I may end up selling these at some point.

Here’s what they look like (images from the BAIT online store):